About Us

Meet BurnAlong

BurnAlong is a health and wellness platform that is used by municipalities, universities, hospitals, and companies of all sizes – who are seeing 5X the engagement levels. That’s achieved by bringing people online the two things that work offline, in-person:

  1. An inspiring and relatable instructor. So we partner with 100s of instructors, across 45 categories, for unparalleled choice.
  2. Social motivation. Take classes alone or live online with others you invite.

We work with companies, hospitals, insurers, and brokers, and partner with on-site and local gyms, studios, instructors, and wellness professionals, to bring the best classes, programs, and social experience to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Our members can choose from thousands of classes across more than 45 categories taught by hundreds of instructors. People can take classes on their own on demand or invite friends to join them live online.

Our History

“So, we will be able to keep running with our kids as they grow up? And one day our grandkids?”

That’s our why. That’s why we knew BurnAlong had to exist.

Heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, stress, insomnia… our family and friend circles are unfortunately filled with people who didn’t live life, or enjoy life, as long as they ought to – but for whom exercise and different wellness classes would have made a difference.

The problem is that it’s hard to find the time, or more importantly, the motivation – especially when you’re alone.

That’s where BurnAlong makes all the difference: For the hundreds of instructors and wellness professionals we partner with, BurnAlong strengthens connections with the people they inspire – and introduces them to thousands more.

For the companies and hospitals we work with, BurnAlong delivers real results.

And for our members, it changes lives. We hear inspiring stories from our community — from the new mother suffering from postpartum depression who started laughing and feeling great again after regularly taking classes with an old friend now on the other side of the country, to the grandmother who discovered a lump only because she lost weight taking classes – and successfully had it removed.

Everyone has their own “Why.” Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

Welcome to BurnAlong!