Get ready for March Madness and the all new I AM AWESOME Sweat Like a Girl 30-day BurnAlong workout challenge with Heather Gidusko! You and your arms will love this amazing workout challenge for ALL fitness levels! This challenge includes a daily ARMS workout and also provides you with Bonus full body workouts.
We made it really easy for you to sign up! Below is the full workout guide, complete with links to classes and a downloadable calendar you can print and hang up somewhere special (fridge, desk, bathroom… wherever!). You can schedule your workouts each day using our super easy scheduling tool on BurnAlong or just launch them whenever you’re ready to take a class.
The challenge kicks off with this HOW TO instructional video. Be sure to take a few minutes to watch and do the exercises with Heather so you can learn not only proper form but also your Awesome Levels and Suck Levels!
Wait, what is that! Heather Gidusko creates challenges for all fitness levels so she includes ways to make it harder or easier for YOU to complete! She demonstrates 3 different Awesome Levels for each of the exercises in the “My Arms Are Amazing” daily workout. Level 1 being the easiest, and 3 being the hardest option. The Suck Level is how many times you do the daily workout! As you progress through the challenge she will suggest you try to bump up to Suck Level 2, which is repeating the Booty is the Bomb Daily workout twice thru! And who knows, perhaps by day 30, you may be up to Suck Level 3, doing it 3 times through! So be sure to watch the HOW TO video before you begin so you can fully understand all of your options!
In addition to the MY ARMS ARE AMAZING Daily workout, Heather has an outline of Bonus Workouts you can also do! Some days it may be cardio, other days it may be strength! The more you try to do the bonus workouts, the more you will see and feel in difference by the end of the 30 days! The bonus exercises will allow you to work the total body and give you the fat burn you are looking for!
Get all the details straight from Heather in the video below (and keep scrolling for the full workout program!).

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Join the Sweat Like a Girl Facebook Group and the BurnAlong Community Facebook Group to get extra support from Heather and other fabulous Sweat Like a Girl members. Here Heather will able to answer your questions directly and keep YOU motivated all month long to keep on going!!
P.S. If you’re not a BurnAlong member, there’s no time like the present to cash in on your first month free trial! Check out Sweat Like a Girl’s page on BurnAlong for more information about Heather and to browse her wide-variety of workouts.
Questions? Leave us a note below or contact us.

The I AM AWESOME AND MY ARMS ARE AMAZING 30-Day Fitness challenge!

Day 1:  How To Instructional (10 mins) Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 2: Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 3: Daily Arms (10 mins) SuperGirl 5 (25 mins)
Day 4: Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 5: Daily Arms (10 mins) Sweat Camp 5 (45 mins)
Day 6: Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 7: Daily Arms (10 mins) SuperGirl 6 (50 mins)
Day 8: Daily Arms (10 mins) Dumbbell Diva 5  (50 mins)
Day 9: Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 10: Daily Arms (10 mins) Sweat Camp 3 (50 mins)
Day 11: Daily Arms (10 mins) Hit the Dance Floor-Get Fired Up (30 mins)
Day 12: Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 13: Daily Arms (10 mins) SuperGirl 2 (45)
Day 14: Daily Arms (10 mins) Daily Booty is the Bomb (10 mins)
Day 15: Daily Arms (10 mins) Daily Core is Killer (10 mins)
Day 16: Daily Arms (10 mins) Dumbbell Diva 4 (49 mins)
Day 17: Daily Arms (10 mins) Sweat Camp 2 (45 mins)
Day 18: Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 19: Daily Arms (10 mins) Sweat Camp 1 (41 mins)
Day 20: Daily Arms (10 mins) Legs and Booty 3 (15 mins)
Day 21: Daily Arms (10 mins) SuperGirl 1 (52 mins)
Day 22: Daily Arms (10 mins) Dumbbell Diva 1 (51 mins)
Day 23: Daily Arms (10 mins) Pilates Sweat (39 mins)
Day 24: Daily Arms (10 mins)
Day 25: Daily Arms (10 mins) Hit the Dance Floor (10 mins)
Day 26: Daily Arms (10 mins) Sweat Camp 4 (50 mins)
Day 27: Daily Arms (10 mins) Dumbbell Diva 2 (49 mins)
Day 28: Daily Arms (10 mins) SuperGirl 4 (20 mins)
Day 29: Daily Arms (10 mins) Dumbbell Diva 3 (50 mins)
Day 30: Daily Arms (10 mins) SuperGirl 3 (53 mins)

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